This is the core organizing training program for OrderWithin. In this series you will learn new ways of looking at your passtimes and your stuff to help you become more discerning about what you choose to keep and how to organize it.

+  Creating Order and Simplicity

The missing component for most people when they attempt to get organized isn't containers, but a system. This logical, easy-to-follow system uses a methodology that will help you to declutter the past and organize for the present. You will gain space to move, think, breathe, and create. COURSE OUTLINE AND OUTCOMES


The training covers:

  • Discussions on the reasons behind getting organized
  • Creating a vision for the space of your dreams
  • Discussion of the role of the brain in organization and productivity
  • A self-assessment of individual styles
  • Explanation of the OrderWithin system to help people you sort, purge, and organize paper and stuff
  • Basic organizing principles
  • Review ways to reduce clutter
  • Discussion of how to get rid of stuff
  • Ideas for encouraging each other to stay motivated


  • Think and communicate about your challenges and best practices for organization
  • Make small and sustainable changes toward the kind of “functional organization” you desire
  • Learn the OrderWithin simple system for organizing anything – at work or home
  • Gain guidelines to help you declutter
  • Learn different organizing styles and preferences, and identify your unique organizing style
  • Provide ideas on organizing, based on your personal thinking styles and preferences

+  Time for What Matters

For many of us, there is more to do in any day, week or month than we have time to do. Learn to overcome self-defeating behaviors, improve your time management skills and neutralize the "tyranny of the urgent" so you can focus your time and energy on the people, tasks, and projects that truly matter. COURSE OUTLINE AND OUTCOMES


The training covers:

Mission & Vision

Create your Personal Mission as a touchstone for why you are doing what you do, asking:

  • What are you doing?
  • Why are you doing it?
  • Who are you doing it for?

Setting Goals

  • What are you doing?
  • How are you going to do it?
  • When will you do it?

Managing Time & Priorities

  • Use the 80/20 rule to establish and accomplish priorities
  • What is urgent, and what is important in your work
  • Discuss strategies for time management to reduce stress and accomplish priorities

Defeating Self-Defeating Behaviors

Provide ways to:

  • Manage interruptions
  • Reduce multitasking
  • Overcome procrastination


  • Connect you to your values and mission to support you in making conscious choices about how you are spending your time
  • Focus their your time and attention on the people and activities that matter most
  • Provide tools for effective time management and to identify and accomplish priorities
  • Provide ways to help you identify and overcome procrastination

+  Paper, Paper Everywhere

Paper is often uninvited and seems to proliferate. It can drain the life out of us if we're not in control. Learn decluttering techniques to sort and purge paper, and develop a system that you can live with and enjoy. Tame your paper monster and reclaim physical space and enjoy mental clarity and physical energy. COURSE OUTLINE AND OUTCOMES


The training addresses:

  • Paper processing skills
  • Specific ideas for purging and organizing paper and files
  • Ways to manage paper related action items
  • An introduction to the Fabulous Freedom Filer System (
  • How to fearlessly sort through any size pile of paper


  • Understand the different types of paper in your life, and manage each one accordingly
  • Develop a paper management and filing system that will work for your needs, styles and preferences
  • Demystify paper and sort it out so that you are in control of it
  • Provide the skills and knowledge to help you sort through small piles to large mountains of paper – one piece at a time – to create paper action and filing systems that work for you

+  Elemental Feng Shui Shifts

Guiding the elements in your spaces allows you to control how you are affected by your environment. This class uses the principles of Feng Shui organizing to help enhance and balance the 5 Feng Shui elements to create harmonious, auspicious, and aesthetically pleasing spaces. COURSE OUTLINE AND OUTCOMES


This training includes:

  • An introduction to the 5 Feng Shui Elements:
    1. Water
    2. Wood
    3. Fire
    4. Earth
    5. Metal
  • How to use the elements in creative ways to harmonize your environment
  • Self assessment to determine element preferences and imbalances
  • Participatory training and discussion on how to balance individual spaces
  • How to utilize the elements to help improve productivity and task completion


  • Gain a basic understanding of the 5-Element Theory
  • Learn how to use the 5-Elements in practical, everyday life and work
  • Gain ideas to incorporate the elements into your home environment
  • Use the 5-Elements to harmonize physical space and personal energy
  • Connect the 5-Elements to productivity in a useful and practical way